My name is Dr. Edit Török and I am an Ophthalmologist, having 20+ years of experience
in the field of eye care.

Our service covers complete eye test, including vision services,
eye exams, medical eye care and diagnosis, treatment of eye conditions related to
other diseases, such as diabetes or arthritis and contact lens alignment.
My collegue, Dr. Illdikó Fark has also more than 20 years of experience.

Our optics shop was opened in September 2012
and is located under Zászló street 10 in Szeged.

Our specialized optician Szalai Zoltánné is looking forward,
consulting you to find the frame of your dreams, perfect fitting to your individuality.

Dr.Török Edit
Dr. Edit Török
Dr. Ildikó Fárk

Készíttete: Tóth Tamás 2012